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In 2015, the Uwezo learning assessments evaluated the foundational literacy and numeracy (FLN) skills of children between ages of 6-16 across Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania (Nakabugo, 2015). According to the Uwezo learning assessments 3/10 children between ages of 6-16 in East Africa cannot read Grade 2-level stories with comprehension. The study also revealed some of the major factors that are influencing FLN education in East Africa. Communities where most children could not read were in poor, arid, semi-arid communities with limited resources (Virginia et al., 2022). Other important factors were socio-economic status like mothers education, home source of lighting etc. Children of mothers with secondary education and higher displayed higher literacy and numeracy skills compared to other children. Similarly, children in homes where electricity was the source of energy outperformed the other children (Nakabugo, 2015).

The read, count and shine project is a commmunity-based FLN program that targets, train and empower teachers, parents and children for FLN education in communities. Together with our partners we are implementing a Nyansapo AI FLN program powered by our Nyansapo AI platform in 20 primary schools in Bungoma, Kenya tagerting 5000 children. We are working with and training 40 school teachers and teaching volunteer to implement an FLN intervention as an after school hours program.

Proposed Impact

Measuring Our Commitment to Positive Change

  • Improve learning level of 5,000 children at least one learning level
  • Train and empower at least 40 teachers to implement FLN programs
  • Execute FLN program in 20 primary schools
  • Increase parents awareness and support for FLN programs

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Zawadis Journey: Empowering Dreams through Education

In the heart of Kitui County, Kenya, in the present day, there is a bright and spirited young girl named Zawadi. Zawadi is a Grade 4 student at Voo Primary School, a place filled with enthusiasm for learning and adventure. Her journey with education is being significantly transformed by Nyansapo AI, an innovative learning tool that has become an integral part of her daily life. Zawadi's story is a testament to the power of education and the transformative impact of Nyansapo AI in the lives of young learners.

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