Our story

Nyansapo was founded by Mumbe Mwangangi and Edward Amoah in 2019 in Kenya. It was based on the premise of bringing “technology into education” to improve learning outcomes while being a tool for students and instructors. Based on her life experience about inequality in access to education, the organization serves as a product of years of ideating about how to confront the issues of educational inequality at a larger scale for Mumbe Mwangangi .

Likewise, Edward Amoah, a computer engineer, was concerned about issue as well and brought a technological perspective to the conversation, building Nyansapo which has been operation since then.

Our Values


As a team, we always try to figure out the best way to solve a challenge by adopting new ideas and creative thinking.

People centered

Treating individuals with dignity and respect, helping individuals become empowered to set and reach their personal goals and recognizing the right of individuals to make informed choices.


By the standards of the rest of the world, we overtrust. We’re okay with that.

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Research and Development

At NyansapoAI we do not just develop technology for technology's sake, but rather we work with our partners and develop solutions that drive real growth for our partners.

In order to understand our partners and stakeholders, we have interviewed 30+ managers from 15 NGOs from Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Botswana and Tanzania and50+ bootcamp instructors. We have operated20+ learning camps targeting 1000+ children to test and improve our solutions.

At NyansapoAI, we listen and we develop solutions for our partners

Meet the Team

Mumbe Mwangangi

Co-Founder and CEO

Edward Amoah

Co-Founder, CTO and Lead AI Engineer

Justice Eli

Lead Android and Backend Engineer

Alex Magwe

Lead Web Engineer and UX/UI Designer

Albright Mbia

Communications Lead

Faith Atieno

Learning and Partnerships Intern

Our Locations


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