What is Nyansapo AI Literacy Assessment?

It is a digital rapid assessment tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to diagnose the literacy learning gaps of children in lower primary. The current Nyansapo AI Assessments follow the Uwezo assessment protocol and classify children in the beginner, letter, word, paragraph, story, and above learning levels according to their reading performance.

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Who is this made for?

The Nyansapo AI mobile assessments help parents, teachers, and Education institutions monitor children's literacy learning gaps and progress. For teachers implementing literacy and accelerated learning programs (ALP), the Nyansapo AI mobile application provides a holistic digital platform to manage your remedial class. The Nyansapo AI assessments allow you to assess your children quickly and reliably from anywhere to identify their learning gaps. You can track the details of children’s learning gaps—information like the words mispronounced by children, etc. The mobile application also provides a library of teaching guides and activities to deliver targeted lessons to address children's specific learning gaps.

Picture of the home screen

The home page

Picture of the letter assessment screen

The letter assessment

Picture of the Story assessment screen

The story assessment

Picture of the Story questions screen

The Story Questions

Picture of the complete assessment screen

after completing the assessment

Picture of the learner grouping screen

the learner groups

Picture of the learner profile screen

The learner profile

Picture of the learner results

A learner's assessment results

Picture of the learning activities

The learning activities

How to get Nyansapo AI mobile app?

The Nyansapo AI mobile application is coming soon. Share your feedbackId with us after testing the demonstration web version of the Nyansapo AI literacy assessments, and you will be among the first lucky people to know when we launch.

What else do we offer?

The Nyansapo AI management portal provides educational institutions with an intuitive website portal to manage literacy and numeracy accelerated learning programs. The management platform gives you everything you need to manage ALP, from teacher registration, training, and assignment to the real-time monitoring of ALP activities on the ground. Children’s daily attendance and learning progress are just a few examples of what you can access on the management portal.

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